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Chartum Jones Therapeutic Consulting has a diverse, caring, and competent professional staff that works from a variety of theoretical perspectives. Our counselors can help you in a variety of ways because they are excellent sounding boards, compassionate listeners, and skillful experts in the problems of living.

Adult, Child, and Family Counseling Services


• Individual Counseling
• Family Intervention Services
• Family Planning Support
• Couples Retreat
• Family Strengthening Care Support

Employee Assistance Programs

• Work/Life Balance Program Trainings
• Telephonic Support Services
• Short-term Counseling Services
• Resource Referral Services
• Critical Incident & Stress Management Response Services

This is an emerging employee benefit that our firm has hosted for over a decade. Wellness and mental health aid is now a leading resource tool employers and employees value in a workplace setting. This is a confidential services extended via telephonic support or through a short-term counseling model. This service is available to both employees and the dependents through your employee benefit package. Through this vehicle we also respond to Critical Incidents that occurring in the workplace to include loss of an employee or crisis response services and direct care.

Chemical Dependency Assessment & Treatment Services

• Assessment Services
• DUI/DWI Education 
• Court-Ordered Chemical Dependency Evaluation

Family Planning & Court Services

• Home Study & Environmental Assessment for Custody Evaluations 
• Divorce Mediation & Family Planning Services
• Parent Coordination Services
• Supervised Visitation Coordination
• Court Appearances & Expert Testimony
• Adoption & Foster Care Service

Employee Engagement & Workplace Strength Based Training Services

• Executive/Leadership Coaching
• Team Building Activities
• Retreat Planning & Implementation Services
• Lunch & Learn Seminars
• Strategic Planning 
• Conflict Resolution Support Services

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